Saturday, April 11, 2009

JUst test my English essay

Here i just want to show my English skills about my writing.maybe this essay could help me a little....saje nak mencuba tulis BI kat sini huhuhu
This is my essay maybe it is not so good haha

This happened when I took review class for October 2005 CPA board exam. I enrolled in this review school at recto Manila-it was just a small school. During my first month my classmate and I didn't notice anything-it was just a regular review class but when the examination date was near and we held classes until late at night, unexplained things happened.

September 6:30 in the evening during our class on Law, we are only 11 students and my teacher in the room. We are listening to her explaining a specific topic when we heard somebody crying at the back of our room (it was a big room which can occupy more than 50 students and all eleven of us were sitting on the front).

At first we ignored it because it seems the sound came from outside our building and we continued the lesson but the sound was getting louder and louder and now the sound was undeniably a cry of a female, but there was no one at the back and no one was crying.

The hair in the back of our heads rose and we couldn't move our feet -we wanted to get out but we couldn't until our teacher told us to pray. When we heard her voice we moved as fast as we could out of our class room.

After what happened our teacher admitted something about our school. Year 1983, the building we used as a class room was a boarding house for females and many abortion and suicides happened in there. Because of this, the first owner of the building sold it to the second owner who made it a funeral parlor. Many dead bodies were embalmed in this building but the business was not a success so the building was sold again to the third owner who made it a review school.

Well we thought this gave us the explanation about what happened but it was not yet the reason, many students before us got depressed and committed suicide. The teacher believed that it was those souls who haunted our building and they appeared every time the examination date was approaching. I guess they wanted us to do the same thing they did- to commit suicide because of depression that we might not pass the board exam.

Many more things happened during my review class and I'll share them in my other stories.

Haha i dont have enough idea to write more than this essay.i wish i could do more better than this soon......bak orang cakap cincai2 ajer


  1. aiyohh propah sangat.. very da plagiarism case ahaks.. ko copy bulat2 ke cite nih? just googling ko punya cerita nih terus aku jumpa cite nih kat website nih >>

    how could u claim that the stories is wrote by you? haha..

  2. acik ooh acik. tak abes abes. lepas satu, satu.

  3. alah.....memang ler ambik kat google then salin balik sebab nanti nak tulis di essay